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Brink Of Escape VR:
Is a previously made project of mine that has been ported exclusively to virtual reality, it can't be played without it. The game was ported and only tested on HTC Vive so any feedback regarding it's use with Oculus Rifts would be fantastic.
To play the game, you must own not only a VR headset but two Motion Controllers as well.

The game has had major improvements made to it technically, the movement and interaction system has been rebuilt to incorporate moving in VR as I have attempted to make non-nauseating natural locomotion but there is the ability to use teleportation as movement too if natural movement makes you feel queasy.

The main menu has been re-made for a VR environment and there have been various bug fixes and performance improvements.

It runs on UE4 high settings with a resolution rendering of 1.2x the scale.
On my i5 + 970, it reaches an average 90 fps.

Original Description for Brink of Escape is below:

Brink of Escape is a low poly first person style escape the room game. You, the player, have been kidnapped and are locked in an apartment. Shortly afterwards, the kidnapper leaves the apartment and you wake up in your new environment. You must use the tools and objects found in the apartment to escape, which can be out in the open or locked away in cupboards and tables. 

Please note that this Demo is
intended more as a personal learning project than a game. Thus it
is missing things I would otherwise like to have added such as sound and
a story.

Install instructions

To install Brink of Escape VR, you simply need to download and extract the .ZIP file to your computer and double-click the BrinkOfEscape.exe to begin playing the game.

To exit the game, simply interact with the "exit game" door in the main menu or press alt-f4.

Uninstalling Brink Of Escape VR is even easier than installing it. To uninstall the game, simply delete the folder with the game in.

Controls are explained in-game


BrinkOfEscapeVR.zip 78 MB
BrinkOfEscapeVR-Oculus [beta]zip 78 MB