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--- Description ---

Q-Tile is a short, cute and simple puzzle game about clearing all the available tiles on a level to complete it.

There are only around 10 levels to play through (Though this may be updated at a later time). The main feature is the level editor to create and play through your own and others levels!

The included level editor is easy and simple to use, simply draw out your level, select specific tiles to change the colour of and save it out using any name you like! You can then share the .xml file located in your appdata/locallow/sambajones/q-tile/levels folder so people can try out your custom level.

--- Instructions ---

Clear all of the tiles on a level to complete it.

Your cube can have the colour of white,red,blue,green and yellow.

Tiles that are white can be cleared using a cube of any colour, however coloured tiles can only be cleared by a cube of matching colour, so plan your route carefully!

--- Controls ---

Controls are simple and straightforward.

W/A/S/D move cube onto a tile in the corresponding direction - if there is no tile in that direction, then you don't move.

W/Up = up

S/Down = down

A/Left = left

D/Right = right

R - Reset the current level

--- Level Editor ---

To use the level editor, simply left click and hold to paint tiles out into the level you would like. The first tile will always spawn the start tile, represented by a red cube. (If you delete this tile, it will be the next one to spawn).

Use the right mouse button to delete tiles. You can also hold down the right mouse button down to delete multiple tiles at once as you paint over them.

Left click on a single tile to change its colour, remember that coloured tiles can only be destroyed by a cube of the same colour!

These levels are saved into GameDirectory/Game_Data/Levels as .xml files and can be easily transferred between users by simply copying one and placing it into that folder.

Install instructions

Simply download and extract the .zip file to be able to play!


QTile.zip 17 MB

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